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We help preserve the handcrafting culture

We are building a network of the best crafters around the world and promote the unique beauty of handcrafted products. We are on a mission to spread the handcrafting culture in order to encourage and support the passionate and professional crafters who deserve respect and appreciation. By doing our business, we are bringing back the raw and authentic skills of making leather goods. 

Support and Respect Our Crafters

We never ask our partner crafters to work overtime. We respect their own lifestyle and quality of work. As that being said, we will never compromise product quality for quantity. To support our crafters' living, we deal with our partner crafters under fair trade and make sure they are well paid for every product. No exploitation of labor is allowed under our co-brand.

Preserve the Handcrafting Techniques and Nurture the Next Crafters

Traditional crafting techniques are fading out due to the advancing technology and the overwhelming machine-made products. To ensure these beautiful skills and products can be passed on to the next generation, it is our responsibility to preserve them and gather support to this community.

Treasure Every Masterpiece

All of our products are fully handcrafted by our partner crafters. They devote their time, hard work, and sweat to make each of them. Therefore, we treat our product as an artwork and each of them will only be made when customers crave for them. We never sell them at clearance price or even burn down the overwhelming stock like some of the luxury brands. Because we know these are disrespectful acts.