Our Story

THE RAW CRAFTERS represent a group of professional crafters who are passionate about promoting the value and culture of handcrafts to the world. We are working collectively to deliver the best experience in using fully handcrafted leather goods. We emphasize 'Made By' Over 'Made In' as we believe excellent craftsmanship should have no boundaries.

What is our purpose?

Integrating handicrafts into everyone's life is our purpose. 'THE RAW CRAFTERS' stands for the top notch handcrafted luxury and everyone will be obsessed by the beauty of it.

Where our idea came from?

We were searching for leather goods that feature both craftsmanship and exclusivity. In the meantime, we had a chance to learn about fully handcrafted leather goods and found that there are many excellent crafters in the fragmented handcraft market. Due to the lack of attention, their amazing craftsmanship are snubbed. We believe there is a potential for handcrafted products to revitalize and everybody will be proud of using them.


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Support and Respect Our Crafters
We respect our partner crafters and their quality of work. As that being said, we will never compromise product quality for quantity. To support our crafters' living, we deal with our partner crafters under fair trade and make sure they are well paid for every product. No exploitation of labor is allowed under our co-brand.
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Preserve Handcrafting Techniques
Traditional crafting techniques are fading out due to the advancing technology and the overwhelming machine-made products. Many of the handcrafting techniques are not replicable by machine. These skills are so unique that bring the beauty and durability of the products to the next level. It is our responsibility to bring these quality artworks to the public's attention.
Treasure Every Masterpiece
All of our products are fully handcrafted by our partner crafters. They devote their time, hard work, and sweat to make each of them. Therefore, we treat our product as an artwork and each of them will only be made when customers crave for them. We never sell them at clearance price or even burn down the overwhelming stock like some of the luxury brands.
Explore Handcrafting Culture

Our Product Features

100% Handcrafted

Made by our crafters by hand for every single step of creation. Take care of the entire crafting process: designing, measuring, cutting, stitching and polishing.

Top Quality Leather

We use various Italian & French high quality leathers such as full grain vegetable-tanned leather, saffiano leather, horsehide leather and cordovan leather.

Ultra Durable

Hand sewing and edge polishing techniques enhance durability and protect the leathers from wearing.

Classy and Minimalist Design

Unveil the authentic and natural form of our products. Less is more.

Best Value for Money

Handcrafted leather goods get better with age. The “Work of Art” is worth more. Your money are well spent on personalized services, top quality leathers and professional craftsmanship.


Personalized embossing create a unique edition for you to enjoy for years to come.

Find Your Favourite Handcrafted Items


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Watch Strap

Personalized Watch Band Just For You

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Money Clip Wallet

Bring You To An Exceptional Professional Level

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Deluxe Card Sleeve

Unlock the Premium Texture

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Slim Card Sleeve

Minimalist Is The Ultimate Sophisticated