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Our Story

Where our idea came from?

We were searching for leather goods that feature both craftsmanship and uniqueness. In the meantime, we had a chance to learn about fully handcrafted leather goods and found that there are many excellent crafters in the fragmented handcraft market. Due to the lack of attention from the general public, their amazing craftsmanship are snubbed and some of them even fade out. We believe there is a potential for handcrafted products to revitalize and everybody will be proud of using them. 


To sustain this wonderful culture, we decided to team up with the excellent crafters and started our co-brand, THE RAW CRAFTERS. It means that our crafters only use the raw method to craft the best products. Through THE RAW, customers can now experience the art of leather handcraft and learn the unique story of each crafter. We believe all the great crafters around the world deserve a recognition and their artwork deserve a true luxury status. 

We created THE RAW CRAFTERS because we believe a group of highly selected crafters can collectively change the public's perception about the value and meaning of handcrafted leather goods. Importantly, we care about 'made by' over 'made in'. Because we want to eliminate the bias of people judging a product by its production place and forgetting the talent of the crafters.

What is our purpose?

We are on a mission to spread the culture of handcrafted luxury and redefine handcrafted leather goods. In the future, when you see 'THE RAW CRAFTERS', you know it is a symbol of high quality handcrafted leather goods made by the best crafters around the world.