Why Fully Handcrafted Leather Goods are Valuable?

Many people do not understand why handcrafted leather goods are valuable, therefore, handcrafted leather goods are often undervalued.

The reason to explain this is simple. Because everything involved in handcrafted leather goods is a luxury, that’s why we called it handcrafted luxury instead. We just did not spend a luxurious marketing expense like other luxury brands did. When you buy other luxury brands, you are paying way more than half of your money for their marketing expense but not the intrinsic value of the product itself. In contrast, for THE RAW, all the luxurious features are inside the product itself

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By choosing THE RAW, you are finally paying your money for the finest leather and the finest craftsmanship. Not to mention, you are the beneficiary of the life, sweat, passion, and years of experience that our crafters pour into the products. You can never get better value than this from other machine-made products. At the end, our products just look elegant and gorgeous that no one can deny. They are absolutely more valuable and durable than typical luxury brands.