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What makes THE RAW CRAFTERS special?

We are not the typical micro handmade leather brands that just try to sell some of our handcrafted products. We are actually a co-brand that helps all the great micro leather brands spread the handcrafting culture. 

Our structure is not a platform like Etsy or Amazon Handmade that simply provides a marketplace for micro handmade stores without raising the genuine interest and understanding from the public. We created THE RAW CRAFTERS because we believe a group of highly selected crafters can collectively change the public perception about the value and meaning of handcrafted leather goods. 

We are on a mission to spread the culture of handcrafted luxury and to redefine handcrafted leather goods. In the future, when you see THE RAW, you know it is a symbol of high-quality handcrafted leather goods crafted by the best crafters around the world. 

THE RAW conveys your extraordinary taste and distinguishes yourself from others who simply look for typical luxury brands.