4 Reasons Why You Should Consider THE RAW Handcrafted Luxury as Your EDC

What do you think your everyday carry should be like? Here, we have summed up 4 main reasons why using THE RAW handcrafted luxury leather goods will be your best choice.

1. One of a kind

High quality fully handcrafted leather goods are getting rarer than ever due to the overwhelming machine-made products around us. No matter where you come from, it is very common to see people around you using typical luxury brands or other fast fashion low-quality brands. These brands are just becoming more and more mediocre because they simply want to sell more. What really makes a product stand out is exclusivity. THE RAW handcrafted luxury leather goods are truly unique and limited in production because you could only order it within our crafters’ very limited productivity. You will never see an exact identical one since the one you get is only crafted for you especially when you add embossing to it. If a crafter decided to fade out from the market, no one could replace their unique craftsmanship anymore.


2. Fashionable

In the past, handcrafted leather goods are something that looks very raw and scrappy (e.g. edges are not polished, stitches are untidy). Unless someone really like the raw looking, all other people will turn to luxury brands since they look more fashionable. Nonetheless, there are crafters around the world who are dedicated in making handcrafted leather goods as perfect as they can. With our collaborated crafters in THE RAW, handcrafted leather goods are more fashionable than ever. With the elegant and minimalist designs, THE RAW could even stand out from the rest.


3. Ultra-Durable

The major differences between machine-made and handcrafted leather goods are the materials and production techniques. They are also the most crucial components to determine how durable the product can be. Machine-made leather products are usually claimed to be using the best quality leather, but very often they just use a very little amount of them. The leathers are cut into very thin pieces to stitch with other materials for cost saving. Therefore, their leathers usually wear out easily. Not to mention, machine stitches will easily ravel when the thread happens to break. While for the edges, machine-made leather goods will rarely have their edge polished. What they use is either painting which will be easily peeled off after years of using or wrapping which the leather is extended to wrap the edges. As the edges are more vulnerable to daily grind, once they got hit with rough surface for several times, the leather will wear out. That’s why THE RAW would be your best choice in terms of durability. Hand-stitching and edge polishing are both carefully done by hand to offer the best protection for the leather goods. 


4. Best value for money

With everything above being said, you are getting the best of everything out of fully handcrafted leather goods. When other machine-made leather brands are saying they could provide you the best quality while still making a huge profit margin and spending crazily on marketing, are you sure you are getting something as great as they said? We will leave it for you to think about it. Finally, the quality and value of THE RAW handcrafted luxury leather goods just speak for itself. Importantly, you are spending the right money on the right product while supporting a meaningful culture and brand mission. In the future, you will be proud of your decision of start using fully handcrafted leather goods because everyone wants to follow, yet these products are very limited in production.